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Beautiful Le Marche

Summary of le marche 
Size: 9649 km2, inhabitants: 1,469,990, 
provinces: 5; 
Pesaro Urbino,Ancona, Macerata,Ascoli-Piceno en Fermo.
Capital: Ancona
   Airport: Ancona   
Distance from London: 2000 km  Coastal line: 180 km

Le Marche is the only Italian region written in the plural form, this probably is due to its high variety of views, its gorgeous coastal line, the mountains inland and the rolling hills in between, or maybe because of the many dialects that are spoken.. who knows....

Le Marche is situated in central Italy. On the east its border is the Adriatic coast and in the west it connects with Tuscany and Umbria. Le Marche has rolling hills which you normally only see in paintings. The hills connect the flat coastline with the mountains in the west. A strip of only 50 km.

The region is very authentic Italian mainly undiscovered by the many tourist, however that is changing in the last years.

Most of the tourists are Italians who go to the beach to have their holiday. Inland from the sea, in the many villages on the top of the hills and the old middle aged towns it remains quiete even in summer.

The coastal line stretches out for 180km as a chain of sand beaches, rocks, cliffs and bays. The two nature reserves (Conero, south of Ancona and Monte San Bartelo, north of Pesaro) have some of the most idyllic bays. In many of the places along the beach you will find the Bandiera Blu, this is the blue flag indicating that the sea water is checked on its quality and purity. It also indicates that these places have undertaken steps to protect the environment.

The hills start immediately after the flat coastal line and encompass about 70% of the region. The hills contain a rich variety of flowers and animals. You will find vineyards, olive trees, sunflower / grain fields and forests. On the hill tops you will find some of the most beautiful old towns.

The landscape has some of the most beautiful views and is ideally equipped for hiking, horseback riding and cycling. You can also enjoy car, motor or scooter trips.

The Monte Sibillini, is a chain of mountains crossing 5 rivers. This area is part of the Apennines and includes the Monte Vettore (2476m) as its highest mountain, but its name comes from the Monte Sibilla (2175m). The beautiful rough richness of the landscape is very tempting to hike or do some serious mountaineering. This area is very popular for skiing during winter time.

A Holiday in Le Marche means enjoying the hospitality of the local people, beautiful nature, nicely renovated old towns and silence. The mix of lovely food, a day at the beach and some trips into nature and culture make this part of Italy to an ideal holiday location.


The food of Le Marche is influenced by both its coastal and rural areas. Platters of meat, grilled on embers, are served in the hinterland whilst dishes of freshly caught seafood are the choice in any seaside restaurant. Truffles are also found on the menu - the town of Acqualagna is one of the most important centres in Italy for truffles.


Wine lovers will enjoy discovering the Rosso Conero wines produced on slopes looking over the Adriatic.

Le Marche produces its own dry white wine known as 'Verdicchio'. For those who prefer red, the ones to note are the Rosso Conero wines from around the Conero area on the coast.


Le Marche plays host to a number of summer festivals, many of which focus on music. Two notable events are the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro, held every August, and the internationally renowned open air Opera festival which takes place in Macerata in July and August.


Spring is a wonderful time to explore: wildflowers carpet the meadows, the air is fresh and the temperatures perfect for days out sightseeing. Summer is hot and dry, with temperatures often exceeding 30C. This warm weather often extends into September, prolonging the summer. Towards the end of the month and into October, the air becomes crisper, heralding the onset of autumn in all its glory.